ICH Bursary (All Levels)

ICH Bursary is funded by ICH Group Ltd. This Bursary is awarded based on financial needs and is open to all levels of students and all nationalities. The award is SG300 for primary school applicants and SG500 for secondary and above applicants.

It does not matter where you start, but how you journey on. A humble background can be a set back to many. At ICH, we prefer to help you see it as a cherished training ground as you progress in life. Education is one of the greatest equaliser of modern society and we like to play an active role in helping you achieve more during your active schooling years.

To apply, share with us you and your immediate family background information and a simple 150 words essay to share with us your story and your aspirations and email to ichbursary@ich-group.com. Attention to ICH BURSARY COMMITTEE

Remember, the award is not based on academic excellence and we would like you to express in your own words your story and aspirations.

We apologise that only successful candidates shall be notified via email. The decision of the ICH Bursary committee is final and binding, and no reason will be given for the non-selection of unsuccessful candidates. No appeal will be entertained.

ICH 助学金

ICH助学金由ICH Group Ltd.资助。该助学金是基于财务需求发放的,并向居住在新加坡的所有年级和所有国籍的学生开放。 小学申请者为300新币,中学及以上申请者为500新币。

您的出身并不重要,更重要的是您如何坚持奋进。 卑微的出身可以让很多人退缩。 但在ICH,我们更希望帮助您将其视为您人生过程中的宝贵历练。 教育是现代社会最伟大的能够让人人都平等的路径,我们希望在您活跃的求学生涯中帮助您取得更大的成就。

如果需要申请,请与我们分享您和您的直系亲属的背景信息以及一份简单的150字的短文,这篇短文是与我们分享您的故事和您的志向,并发送电子邮件至 ichbursary@ich-group.com,收件人是ICH助学金委员会。


很抱歉,只有成功的候选人才能通过电子邮件得到通知。 ICH 助学金委员会的决定是最终的和具有约束力的。我们不会告知不成功的候选人没有获选的理由, 也不会接受任何上诉。