Construction of a mini hospital/clinic in a remote part of the Qinghai plateau in China – Completed on 11 August 2013

The project is construction of a mini-hospital with 10 to 12 beds and serves as an outpatient clinic. It is located in the village of
Tsunggalok, Nangchen District of Qinghai. Upon completion, it will benefit over 5000 villagers, who today have no convenient
access to basic medical facilities.

How to get to Tsunggalok village ?

To get there from Singapore, a convenient way is to fly to Chengdu, China and then, take another internal flight to Xining, the capital
of Qinghai province. From Xining, one has to take another 1 hour flight to the town of Yushu (many of us may recall that Yushu was
badly devastated by an earthquake in Apr 2010). And from Yushu to the Tsunggalok village is a 5 to 6 hour car ride (preferably a 4
wheel drive vehicle!). The village itself is at an altitude of over 4000 metres high. The Village has no access to electricity and
telephone communication. Hence, electrical power has to come from either solar or portable power generators. In the winter
months, the living conditions there are especially harsh and difficult. The temperature can fall to minus 25 deg C.

On 11 August 2013, a grand opening ceremony was held to celebrate the competition of the project. The clinic offered a two day
free treatment and attract more than 500 patients on the 1st day