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ICH Bursary

The ICH Bursary (the “bursary”) draws on our founders’ (namely Danny and Vincent Toe) childhood, and to honour their mother Mdm Tan Sew Lan. Raised in traditional Asian values of hard work, resilience and self-sufficiency, the brothers had no access to financial support despite living on income below the poverty line. Growing up with little and less than peers can be discomforting, but a right lens and attitude very quickly shone light on the advantages of being the underdog. With little to lose and the accompanying hunger, every opportunity is seized upon. The early humble childhood laid a strong foundation for their subsequent endeavours. ICH does not promote irresponsible giving that can lead to complacency – we see education as an equalizer in the modern economy. The ICH Bursary is a SG$ 5 million evergreen education support grant, designed to guide, motivate, inspire and support. Our objective is to identify up to 200 families a year we can support and provide mentorship to the selected candidates who will go on to inspire others as they mature. The bursary aims to inculcate resilience and character building and to adopt a high touch approach over time. We hope recipients will be proud to be selected by us and not see us as another charitable act. To achieve this, we need to profile applicants and assess candidates through an online questionnaire to do our pre-selection. Candidates will be assessed based on:

  • Regular financial needs 40pct
  • Applicant’s Potential profiling 30pct
  • Special needs (medical, event driven) 20pct
  • Other considerations 10pct
Yes, but we have to weigh the needs vis a vis other applicants and also to look at the applicant’s family profile and needs.
Yes, if they display the qualities that we promote, OR if the financial situation calls for it.
ICH will provide the funding on a need-to basis up to SG$ 100,000 per year. We continue to look for partners who share our vision and are able to contribute non-monetary support and mentorship to the cause.