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Happy New Year

Dear All,

Would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for bearing with me for yet another year. Would like to thank Yahoo!, thank Alibaba, Advanced Holdings, OSIM, LiNing, Biosensors, Gold, Energy, Nikkei, China Life for making our year a better one! 

It's been an exciting year for me, got a son, got the fund, and meet honorable management that helps our fund succeed and created some happy investors.  Sadly though Oceanus did not go IPO this year, but if there is anything I have learned for the last 10 years, it's better safe than sorry, esp for our investors!  Akan Datang…. Not to worry, my dear brother Vincent is bringing bigger deals into the market.

2006?  Well, I am not a predictor but I guess everyone cannot resist making a prediction…..looking at the amount of money flowing in the market, and the depressed long term bond yield, I can only think that there is simply too much cash in the market and gold, japan, insurance co is gonna continue its run.  And with the numbers of airplanes being transacted each month (or is it weeks), dun take your eyes off the air industry.

My resolutions?  To be younger than last year, healthier than last year, and my son to be healthier year on year. And for all my smoking friends to stop smoking so I have a happier wife. And last but definitely not least, to meet more friends like you who make my life more colorful.

BTW, 2006 ICH is starting its charity organisation, will be calling on you soon for sponsorship, please don’t avoid my calls:>)

Happy New year