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How Rising Demand For A Fairer System Is Fueling Election Trends

In addition to kicking off a new quarter at iSTOX, July saw us through a closely fought election here in Singapore. While the ruling party won once again, the opposition Workers’ Party made historic gains by taking an unprecedented 10 seats in parliament. Whether you agree with the collective decision of voters or not, the results clearly show a desire for greater access and participation by the citizens of Singapore.

July also saw the publicly traded tech sector scaling up, as start-ups resume IPO activity and investors respond enthusiastically while tech rallies emerge on Wall Street and elsewhere.

What’s the commonality?
When you understand that tech is often (correctly) seen as a force that can provide freer, fairer, and vastly more powerful options to the public, the connection becomes quite clear.

From enabling instant voice, video, and electronic communications to virtually anyone, to vastly expanding access to goods and services for millions around the world, to allowing countless people economic opportunities that would have been unthinkable a few years before through eCommerce and ePayment services, the internet has shown itself to be a revolutionary tool to address unequal access and expand opportunities.

Health and finance are the next industries ripe for revolutionary changes. Both have been among the most invested tech sectors in recent years. And while both are regulated – and thus slow to change – big changes for both are in the works.
As the world first fully integrated and regulated digitised securities platform, we at iSTOX have the opportunity and the duty to make finance better by building a trusted mid-stream platform that can direct both fiat and digital capital to deserving projects and connect more investors with previously out-of-reach opportunities.
We look forward to being a part of the change that is coming. And we look forward to a more level playing field where ordinary investors can prosper through digital-based capital markets.